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What to expect

Wyndham Projects are capable of delivering complex kitchen remodelling projects from initial sketches through to the final kitchen installation. We've been doing them for almost 2 decades, and whether it's bespoke carpentry or installation of a pre-fabricated kitchen, we have a solid track record of high-quality, affordable kitchen renovations that have consistently earned our client's respect and trust over the years.

A Kitchen Remodelling project involves a high degree of trust. We're working in your home, often when you're not there, and in the case of apartment blocks or body corporate estates, we're often working with neighbours present. That's where our construction management and design and build services truly come into their own.

By managing the entire project, from initial sketches through to final construction, we take care of every element including materials handling and management. Our design and build construction practices ensure that we are discreet, respectful of neighbours and demonstrate high-care for your home and the environment that surrounds your home.

A kitchen remodelling project is often our first project for a client, and earns the kind trust and respect from our clients that has resulted in repeat work on larger projects over the years.


We pride ourselves on that. If you're in the market for a kitchen renovation or kitchen remodelling, contact us and we'll walk you through the process, from initial sketches all the way through to the final build.

Brand New Kitchen


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