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What to expect

A Loft Extension could have multiple purposes. From a new home office to an extended living space for the family to an extra bedroom with en-suite facilities. At the start of each loft extension project, we take the time to understand what you're trying to achieve and why?

It allows us to help inform the personalisation of the space through our design and build services, alternatively, it allows us to work efficiently and effectively to the plans provided whilst keeping focused on the final goal(s) of the loft extension firmly in mind.

Our construction management service ensures that we're managing all elements of the project, including materials handling and working with a high degree of respect and consideration for neighbours. We understand that a loft extension can be a stressful project for our clients, and we exercise a great deal of care throughout the build.

From ensuring that your home is safe and secure, during and after the project, to making sure that our presence in your home environment is discreet, professional and worthy of the trust you are affording us by having us in your home. Our team have been with us for years, and we've consistently developed long-term relationships with our clients as a result of the high-care and craftsmanship we demonstrate on all of our projects.

If you're considering a loft extension, contact us and we will walk you through the entire process, from initial sketches through to the final loft extension construction.

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