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What to expect

Our Construction Management service entails end-to-end management of the construction process, from materials handling through to quality control of the final build. It also represents the project management element that has earned us our client's trust over the years.

For many of our clients, the construction element is only one of their primary concerns when choosing a construction partner. It's also about security, trust and peace of mind.

Knowing that their home is secure, during and after the construction project, is just as important as the quality of the build.

At Wyndham Projects, our team have been with us for years. They have consistently demonstrated that they are trustworthy and that they treat our client's home as if it were their own. That means protecting the construction environment, taking great care when working in the environment, and honouring the trust our client's afford us by consistently taking the correct precautions.

Each design and build project has it's own challenges. Some elements are unforeseen until such time as the build reveals the potential threat or problem. We've consistently earned our client's trust by being transparent throughout the process, openly discussing any problems we encounter, and taking the time to explain what the potential threats are as well as what the recommended course of action is.

Wyndham Projects have a 'can do' attitude and are committed to working through each of the challenges with our clients. It's that transparency, honesty and openness that has earned our client's respect and trust. It's that commitment to delivering the highest quality experience to our clients that delivers peace of mind throughout all elements of our Construction Management service.



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